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Available Baroque Style Royal European Furniture

European Style Interiors in Bangalore
Royal Baroque Style Solid wood Bed Item Code : BA 6210
Intricate carving, royal style, champagne, solid wood framed, richly upholstered with stones at the head rest and front panel.
Size : 1800x2000 mm   |   Material : Solid Wood
European Style Furnitures in Hyderabad
Bed Bench Item Code : BA 6212
Baroque style with solid wood legs and frame, intricate carving, richly upholstered with stones.
Size : 1560x560x500 mm   |   Material : Solid Wood
Royal interiors themes
Console Table Item Code : BA 6217
Console table for living room. Perfect baroque style european furniture, solid wood lyon legs, intricate carving, matching the european royal theme.
Size : 1400x490x930 mm   |   Material : Solid Wood
European Style Furnitures
Dining Table Item Code : BA 6219
Baroque style royal european style dining table made of solid wood, intricate carving and curvy finish.
Size : 1800x900x760 mm   |   Material : Solid Wood
European Style Interiors in Hyderabad
Royal European Style Sofa Item Code : BA 6222
Barroque sofa set 3+1+1 carved, gold painted, richly upholstered.
Size : Same as CAD Drawing   |   Material : Solid Wood
Royal interiors themes
Coffee Table - Baroque - French Royal Style Item Code : BA 6224
Baroque style coffee table, solid wood, intricate carving for living room.
Size : 400x800x500 mm   |   Material : Solid Wood


100% Solid Wood - The Real Furniture - The Real Value for Money

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Carved, Gold Painted Solid Wood
- Always a Status Symbol

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is your showroom located in india?

We have showrooms and offices in Chennai And Bangalore.

2. What cities do you work in?

DEEJOS currently takes projects from major cities of Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana, Andra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Delhi NCR.

3. In what way DEEJOS is different from others?

DEEJOS is the registered brand with over 10 years of strong experience in the field. And DEEJOS is the only company in India to provide end to end service for European Theme Interior.

4. What do you suggest is the best? The interiors with Plywoods & Laminates or the European theme interiors with solid wood?

Simple. It is like you want be one among thousand or one in a thousand. If your budget is low, you can opt for the routine interiors with plywoods and laminates. If you have a Good budget, go beyond and get the Luxurious Royal European Theme interiors, which is 'Never Out Of Style' and 'Always a Status Symbol'

5. What is the kind of wood used for manufacturing the furniture displayed in your website?

OAK Wood. It is exceedingly strong, heavy and durable compared to Teak wood.

6. What is the kind of Finish? Polish or Painted or Laminated or Foil finish?

Most of the Solid wood furniture are PU Paint finish. Some themes like antique and pure vintage may require hand polish. Laminates and foil finish won't be used in Solid wood furniture.

7. Will we get the exact product displayed in your website?

Yes. You will get the exact product with item codes displayed in our website.

8. How long will it take to complete an entire house?

This varies per project depending on the size and scope of work. Normally it takes 3-5 months to design and furnish the entire house.

9. I don’t want any people on my premises; can you manufacture everything outside and do only the installation here?

All furniture will be fully manufactured outside and will be installed at site. Other than furniture, False Ceiling, Modular Kitchen, Specialty wall Panels, etc., can only be made at site to match the size, theme and site condition.

10. What is the kind of Maintenance required?

Solid OAK wood furnitures are highly durable and retains its attractiveness and beauty over the years. To presence its beauty and fine colour, normal cleaning is sufficient.

11. What are the warranty terms and policy?

All products will be checked for quality and any manufacturing defects before handover. We provide 3 Year workmanship warranty for all furniture products. Any wear and tear items like fabric/leatherette, cushions, etc., wont be covered under warranty, since the life of this depends on the kind of usage.

12. Do you provide us a Quotation based on our requirement? Do you charge for that?

Our designers will understand your requirement over phone and study your floor plan. Based on your requirement they will let you know an approximate budget. If you are comfortable with the budget, our people will provide you a photo quotation with detailed product dimensions which is free of cost.

13. What are the payment terms?

  • 50% Advance at time of Booking
  • 40% Before delivery of materials to Site
  • 10% at time of delivery of materials to site

14. What are the available payment modes?

We accept payment through Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash, Cheque and Netbanking.

15. What is your cancellation policy?

You will get 100% refund if the cancellation request is made within 3 days of the Booking Date.

Beyond that we will not be in a position to take up the cancellation request.

16. We are interested, how to take this further?

Just place your enquiry in our enquiry form. Our Designers will call you and guide you there on.


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Lets Turn Your Homes into Palaces

DEEJOS is the only best place to get your home completely decorated with Royal European Theme Interiors. With over 10 Years of strong experience in the Interior Design field, DEEJOS is now the only company in India to provide and work with carefully selected Royal European Furniture, Antique Furniture, Classic and Vintage Designs, Carved wooden furniture, Royal European Curtains, French Style Furniture and exclusive styles like Baroque Theme Interior, Rococo Theme, Scandinavian Modern Furniture, Victorian Theme Interiors, Empire Style Interior, Georgian Style Interior, Neoclassical Interiors and Louis XVI Style Interiors.

We are very clearly committed to 100% Solid wood furniture when it comes to these luxury and Royal European themes in India. As we always say, we always want to get our customers 'The Most Luxurious' and 'Never Out of Style Interior Design Themes'.

DEEJOS offers widest range of Royal European Style Funiture in Home Furniture categories like Royal European Bedroom Furniture, Royal European Living Room Furniture, Royal European Dining Table, Royal European Dining Chairs, Royal European Style Wine Cabinet, Royal European Style Bed Bench, Royal European Style Bedside Units, Royal European Style Sofa Sets, Royal European Style Wardrobes, Royal European style Console tables and Various other furnitures to match the Royal European theme Interior Designs.

We provide Royal European Theme interiors in major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Telangana Hyderabad, Pondichery, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Pune, Cochin and Goa.