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1. Quartz kitchen surface:

The trend to replace laminate to quartz worktops rose gradually in 2016 and is expected to continue this year too. Earlier, quartz was used as a luxury kitchen worktop, but with newly developed composite surfaces, it is now possible to use natural stone for kitchen surfaces. Designers recommend the use of natural stone to increase the opulence of your kitchen for a fairly modest price.


2. Hassle-free PVC units:

The complete linear finish is a popular trend these days. The handle-free doors mainly in gloss or in earthy tones impart a simple yet sophisticated look. The conventional timber effect set in natural hues have become popular with the increase in colour options and give a desirable sleek and supple look. There will be cabinets manufactured with optimum grade PVC and advanced finishing techniques. With magnificent designs, PVC cabinets are light in weight and have smooth edges. Keep your kitchen well organized with termite-resistant cabinets that are designed for durability and strength.


3. Organised worktops:

Clutter-free surfaces open up the working space and allow you to cook coolly on a free surface. There are several options in cabinetry containing different shelves and compartments that can store everything from cutlery, condiments, to oils, staples, and utility items. If you have a smaller kitchen, clear worktops can produce an impression of a larger space. There are intelligent storage solutions to store kitchen appliances in big larders that propose a sense of style and prudence in present day’s kitchen.


4. Decorated kitchen:

There will be interplay of monochrome hues like black, grey, and white tones in cabinets or worktops and subtle tones appearing in kitchen accessories. Talking about decorated kitchen, the trends are moving towards slimmer, thinner contouring in units and drawer combinations to maintain a modern feel. Instead, modern painted units are taking the lead as they work well with all kitchen designs. The key trend in colour presently inclines towards earthy hues and grey as homeowners opt for simple and everlasting kitchen designs.


5. Novel technology:

Technology invariably occupies a big space in contemporary homes and the kitchen is no exception. There will be lots of appliances with Bluetooth functionality, sockets with pop-up feature, colour-changing lights, and much more that will give a modern twist to conventional kitchens. Get smart, and incorporate these latest technological innovations in your kitchen too.
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