1. Play with colours:
Never mind the paint on the wall that you can’t even change. Instead, infuse your favourite colours in upholsteries like table covers, bed spreads, cushion covers, etc. Make a colour palette that goes with the wall colour and then choose your furnishings. If you cannot part with a sofa or a rug from a previous shifting, then try to pick colours that incorporate your earlier decor. 

2. Wall Art:
Cover dull walls with wall hangings and abstract paintings to create an aesthetic appeal. You can use attachable wall papers available in beautiful designs and prints like floral, cartoon characters, birds, stars, etc to instantly lighten up the ambience. They are low-priced and can be removed easily without spoiling the paint on the walls. Just one bummer, once removed, these wall decals lose their gumminess so think carefully where you want to set them up.

3. Basic Furnishings:
Antique side tables, dressing- cum-wardrobe, study units, and framed mirrors are useful furniture pieces to buy for your rented house. Buy a queen size bed that fits easily in smaller room and leaves enough space to walk around. Decorate your new home with pastel hued curtains that match well with the cushions on your cane or bamboo sofa.

4.Right Light:
Usually, your rented flat has some lighting that includes boring CFLs. Remove them and put multiple lights to create a layered illumination effect. Start with an interesting bedside lamp that lets you enjoy book reading in bed. Light patterns emerging on the walls from an elegant floor lamp propped next to your couch creates a backdrop for deep conversations. And, don’t forget to put those CFL’s back before vacating!

 6. Potted Wonders:
There is no better way to inspire your senses than to breathe in aroma of fresh flowers. If your apartment has a balcony, create a small garden with hanging planters. You can buy exquisite vases and place artificial plants indoors. They are easier-to-maintain and look attractive.

7. Floored? Told you:
A newly rented space can feel unfamiliar to you but you can make it feel at home by placing rugs or bedside mats. Choose durable rugs in earthly colours if you expect high footfall or go for fancy silk or jute hand-crafted ones if your apartment will see fewer guests.

If you move houses quite often, you would vouch for keeping the decor minimalistic that makes it easier to shift and relocate. Deejos, the interior designers in bangalore brings simple furnishings that fit anywhere and don’t cost a bomb, so even a rented apartment can become your ‘Home Sweet Home’.

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