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Still Life in Motion.

1.Metamorphic Marble:

Marble has ruled the decor trend runway for ages and this style will keep going strong this year too. It is suggested that you use marble in different forms like tabletops, window boxes etc. And since we are not going after gold here, you can stick to Brass that pairs well with marble.


2.Go Green:

Celebrated interior designers have announced Green as the Pantone shade of the year. Well, nobody asked to paint your walls green! Just introduce little tints of green in your home decor for a trendy look. You can add in a vase, a rug, some cushions or anything that you can think of. Up your decor game with ornamental plants that could adorn your living area or veranda.


3.Hug Happiness:

Ok, so what if the 'Glamily' room trend started last year. We can still incorporate this comforting trend but not before we have remoulded it according to our ease. The Norwegian or Danish concept of happiness, pronounced as Hygge or Hooga, is what interior decorators will try to pull off in 2017. In a nutshell, it represents ‘feel good’ or cheerful atmosphere. You can include some warmth, comfy and enjoyable decor pieces in the form of lightings, sofas or wallpapers.


4.Sultry Prints:

The trendsetters in the decor field are taking cues from nature and going all out with steamy tropical prints. It is expected that the tropical print wave will take the furnishings world by storm this year.


5.Soft Lights:

Keeping our promise to design our decor around happiness, we see lighting trends that basically infuse a sense of well-being. Say goodbye to shiny lights or harsh glares as 2017 will be the year of muted lights that belong to the red side of the spectrum. You can install some gorgeous pieces such as PH lamps that are admired for their soft lighting.


6.Grey Areas:

Grey colour became so fashionable last year that some of its charms has rubbed on to the decor trends for the ongoing year too. All in all, we hope to see a lot of greys in 2017, from deep slate to soft milder shades, on walls, upholstery, and even floors.

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