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1. The phase of life:

The basic element that is the foundation for choosing any decor is to consider the phase of life you are in. If you have young children or expecting one soon, your home has to be designed around safety and needs of children. In contrast, if you’re building a home space as your second-innings retreat, you can choose a design that features your life experiences life, journeys, and loved ones.


2. Suit your personality:

Your choice in clothing and furnishings says a lot about the colour schemes and design patterns you like. If you prefer classic dressing, chances are that you would go for a traditional style of interior design. But if you like a mix of traditional and trendy clothing, you would probably favour a contemporary decor. Likewise, your taste in furnishings will throw hints at your personal style. Whether it is leather, silk, or velvet furnishings that you buy, it can decide if you want conventional, contemporary or an amalgamated style for your home interiors.


3. Let there be light:

The quality and colour of the light in your room can affect the appeal of your home decor. Stark fluorescent lighting is unflattering and makes colours look dull while white lights can spread the purest glow and vividness in the room. It is important to consider brightness level in a room. Task lighting, can focus light on a particular area while general lighting can cast unpleasant shadows. The best way would be to include a mix of general, task, and indirect lighting.


4. Colour, colour, on the wall:

The colours used in the home decor can influence the view of a home. Choose a colour palette for your home depending on the thought you want to convey. Red is bold, blue and lavender are soothing, yellow is stimulating, purple looks royal, brown is reliable, black can be harsh and white is crisp. If you are a fan of vibrant hues, buy accessories to complement the shade on the walls and the colour of your furnishings.


5. Maintenance has a price:

Lastly, think about the amount of money and time you are willing to devote on maintenance and care of the decor. Glass-top tables and ornate carvings can look good only if they are free from fingerprints and blotches. But with pets or young children at home, try to avoid such items or else spare enough time to clean it regularly.

You can happily choose your interior design once you have taken these practical considerations into mind. Once you are sure about your preferences and dislikes and are willing to invest in its upkeep, you can go ahead with the chosen interior design.