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Still Life in Motion.

Where Your Clothes Can Hang Out in Style. Welcome to the world of walk-in wardrobes, the magical place where your clothes live their best life and you get to play dress-up every day! Let's dive into how you can turn this special spot in your home into a fashion haven that even the most stylish influencers would envy.

Hey there, folks of Chennai! Buckle up as we dive into the colorful journey of home interiors, where DEEJOS Interiors has been the game-changer, transforming mundane spaces into extraordinary habitats. Gone are the days when 'interiors' were just about carpentry. Let’s explore how DEEJOS redefined every nook and corner of Chennai homes.

Hello, Chennai dwellers! Ever walked into a room and felt like you could breathe easier? That's minimalism for you, folks. It's not just a design style; it's the art of finding beauty in simplicity. And who better to guide us through this journey than the best interior designers in Chennai? Let’s strip down to the basics and find out why sometimes, less is indeed more.

After going through an interior design website, you find yourself drooling over an aesthetically designed room that justifies every inch of its existence. Every person, young or old, has an opinion about the way they want their home to look like. From frumpy pillows lacing the bed to a comfy couch donning that living space or an institution-style library; you wish your home to spell comfort and utility. To that end, we Deejos – No. 1 Interior Designers in Chennai here are a few things to help you choose the right interior design for your home.

We welcomed the year 2017 two months back but, memories from the past year still fill the air. Talking about interior designs, there are plenty of things that we could credit last year for. From adopting cool Pantone shades to embracing delftware, and ditching gold to hug neutral tones, 2016 was purely amazing. But, here we are in 2017! It is time to explore some home trends that will be trending this year. Let’s make this year even better with chic designs, inspiring interiors, and modest overhauls. Get ready!

Today, a major fraction of working professionals move out of their native lands to live in different cities on account of travel or work. This could mean living in a rented accommodation for months or years. These transient houses remain soulless and undecorated even after months of inhabitation since people are unwilling to beautify a place that doesn’t ‘belong’ to them. But the fact is, you don’t have to live in a drab space even if means moving out one day.

Here are some simple ideas to add life to your rented houses without offending your landlord:

The kitchen is the heart of a home where food is cooked with love and enjoyed with family and friends. Undeniably, it is the most priceless room in a home. Besides the fact that the kitchen satiates your gourmet desires, it also accounts for the maximum financial value expended on designing or revamping a first-class kitchen. So, as you hone your culinary skills to dish out new recipes, we bring you the newest kitchen decor trends to look forward to in 2017

Birth of Interior Designing

Historic and pre-historic buildings and monuments clearly tell that with evolution of civilizations the planning, design and structure of palaces, buildings and forts changed. The changes were more or less on the exterior designs, amalgamation of two cultures and styles, and basically on the view of changing the look from outside. Architectures have played a pivotal role throughout the time period and they have been classified based on their styles and patterns. Of late due to the need or requirement of the modern lifestyle and limited options of space and time, has given birth to an all together new science of architecture that is –“Interior Designing”.

Whether you’re buying a new home or renovating one, interior design is an essential factor that you need to consider. After all, no one would want to reside in a house with blank walls and empty photo frames. If you start your interior design, there is a decision you must take. Selecting the best plywood for home interiors is an integral part of the design. It can be difficult for you to choose without the help of the best interior designers in Chennai as there are so many variants in the market.

Plywood is an integral part of home decors. Even though it may seem like an ordinary piece of wood, it has so many applications in interior design. Therefore, it is very essential to choose the right plywood for the right task. But how would you know whether it is the right choice? Your job is simplified when you buy from reputed brands. This blog post will highlight the top 10 plywood brands in Chennai to help you make an informed purchase decision.